The Latest Biopic On The Way: The Vanilla Ice Story

“Ice Ice Baby” is danced to by so many hip hop groups. It was played all over the world during its prime and was a song first released in 1989. By the moment it was played, it topped the charts rather quickly. The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 and it was the first hip hop song single to do so. It topped charts even in different countries, chances are, you have already even heard it play. The hip hop artist behind the song is the American rapper Robert Matthew Van Winkle or more commonly known by his stage name Vanilla Ice.

Vanilla Ice’s life story will now be told in the motion picture screen with a biographical film, biopic for short, that is entitled “To the Extreme” just like Vanilla Ice’s major label debut studio album. This was first announced to the public when they released a casting call last January 2019 and most of Vanilla Ice’s fans are stoked about the news.

Vanilla Ice has led a colorful and interesting life from before he got interested in music, during his musical career, his little breaks, up to his pitfalls with drug abuse. He began with a strong interest in motocross, and had even won multiple championships, though unfortunately he accidentally broke his ankle. The broken ankle may have been a little blessing in disguise, since it is because of that he started beatboxing, singing, and dancing around with his friends while he was healing up to the point that he performed in public and got recognized. At this point, who wouldn’t call Vanilla Ice a man of many talents as his musical career rocketed up and he released hit songs like “Ice Ice Baby.” Unfortunately, Vanilla Ice also had his fair share of troubles and downfalls. He got into drug abuse and he has been caught in legal cases multiple times in his life.

Despite having different ups and downs in the story to be produced, the film is said to have a similar energy and vibe to the film titled “The Disaster Artist,” whose got a fun and comedic atmosphere working around. Unfortunately, the production for the biopic “To the Extreme” has not begun yet because of the quarantine measures done for the pandemic. On a good note, the lead actor picked to play as Vanilla Ice, Dave Franco, has been regularly calling the American hip hop artist about the role. This is now one more thing for us to look forward to when the pandemic is finally over.


The New Video Celebrating One Direction’s 10th Anniversary

One Direction or sometimes called as 1D is a popular pop boy band that was formed in London last 2010. Most members are English and Irish. Originally, they were five members of the band named as Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik but he left the band in 2015.

The band had already released five albums in their 10 years of existence as a band. One of that is “Up All Night” released on 2011, “Take Me Home” on 2012, “Midnight Memories” on 2013, “Four” on the year 2014 and “Made in the A.M in 2015. Their songs that topped the charts in most major markets are “Story of My Life”, “Drag me down”, “Best song ever”, “What makes you beautiful” and “Live while were young”. These songs are their hit singles.

The One Direction band won a lot of awards. It went almost 200 awards when counted. 7 Brit Awards, 4 MTV music video awards, 28 Teen’s choice awards and became the artist of the year in the year 2014 and 2015. They also made a 4 world tours in which they earned 75 million US dollars.

Their 3rd album “Midnight Memories” became the best-selling album worldwide in the year 2013. It was said that it sold 400 million copies around the world. And in support of this album they had a tour entitled “Where we are tour” which also became the highest income generating concert on the year 2014 and also became the 15th highest income generating concert for all time. And on the same year the band was named as the band of the year by Billboard. But on the year 2016 the band paused and caused the members to go for other projects.

Even though the band stopped going on 2016 their albums in still sold in the market where several fans are still purchase. As of this year the band already sold 70 million copies worldwide. The band is celebrating a 10th year celebration of existence as a band this year. That is why they released a five- minute nostalgic video. This video compiles footages from the bands albums. And also behind the scenes from their tours and music videos. This video is a part of the band’s collection on their special anniversary content. This video is accompanied by several songs. If you check on their website you will see that it became an interactive hub that caters their album eras.


How Many New Albums Are Released On Vinyl These Days?

In these current times, a lot of musicians, composers, song writers and instrumentalists are rising. Now that music is quite accessible to everyone, even learning it is very accessible. Back in the days, only a few people knows how to play instruments and sing great. But today, we can find lots of new artists, fresh faces and a lot of youngsters trying to find their spot in the world of music.

In addition to that, there are a lot of ways to promote and put your music into public today. We now have the internet where we have tons of possible ways to place our music. We have the social media, blogs, music magazines and a lot more. There a lot of ways to plug and post new music.

The era of music lovers and new songs

Music lovers have lots of resources nowadays. There are a lot of music to explore because of the new albums that came out very frequently. They have a wide array of selection but most of them would go for the music that they love to listen.

There’s a huge library of music out there. All we need to do is find a website where we can listen download these songs. There are a lot of free stuffs also in the internet so a music lover would have thousands of music in their phone’s memory bank.

How many new albums can we find on online music centres?

Online music magazines like vinyl has lots of new music posted. They collect and posted new music so people can have a look at it and see if that suits their style. But how many new albums are there in vinyl today? How many of them are released? Here’s the answer to that.

Vinyl gives opportunities for new artists to post and promote their new albums. Some famous artists are also posting their albums. There are 2,388 albums that are released right now in vinyl. All of them are sold with a specific price depending on the artist’s value.

Some of their popular new releases are from Korn, David Byrne, Yola, Fleet Boxes, Madonna, Jonny Greenwood, Led Zeppelin and various artists compiled in one album. Some of their most expensive sales are from Pink Floyd, The Alman Brothers Band and many more. Most of these are more like collections so they come in various albums. The newest that they have today is from Sam Cooke who have three new albums released.


Believe it Or Not, TobyMac Is Playing Live – In Drive-In Theaters

TobyMac is one of the most sought after musicians that the world has ever witnessed. The younger generations may not know him well but he has been touching lives ever since he has made his name in the music industry. He is known as the singer who performs hip-hop Christian songs. He has brought fellowship songs and uplifting music to the world in a different approach.

With the pandemic now in our time, it has been hard for those performing artists such as TobyMac to continue doing what they love the most: performing on stage. There has been no cure yet to COVID. Many industries were stopped and many lost their jobs. The music industries are not an exemption to such.  Fans of performing live on stage are now forced to relive moments of concerts in their homes now. However, these are not going to last forever since significant adjustments and changes are now being made by the business so you can still enjoy seeing your favorite artists perform live before your eye but with health safety.

TobyMac On Stage

If you are a fan of TobyMac, you know that he is one true legend at performing on stage. It feels different when you see them up on the stage and listening to their music. Luckily, there have been changes made by theatres wherein they are bringing back the classic drive-in where artists perform and people-watch in their cars at a wide location or just watching it through a big flat screen on a big yard.

So far, this is what the theatres can offer to such people and one of the artists that they get to witness perform live again is TobyMac.  There has been news circulating in the social media about TobyMac performing again on Drive-ins. Truly this is a piece of great news for those who have always been a fan of his music. All you need is just to know the location of his performances that can be looked upon the internet or their websites and avail of the tickets.

Strength in Music

Of course, the drive-in is a set up that can be offered to limited crowd only. For instance, people are not allowed to leave their cars and must still observe social distancing. It might be a different set up now with other people watching from their care but if you are a fan of TobyMac, there is no hard way just to see him perform live.


The Strange Case Of Lady A – And Lady A

Did you know that the relations between the famous Douglas Stone and the notorious and famous Lady Sannox or Lady A were very well known both among the fashionable circles of which she was a brilliant member and that the scientific bodies in which numbered him among their most illustrious confreres?

Back then, there was a widespread interest when it was announced one morning that Lady Sannox had absolutely and forever taken the veil and that the world would see her no more like ever. When this rumor was widely spread, there came the assurance that the celebrated operating surgeon back then, the man of steel nerves had been found one morning by his valet and was seated on one side of his bed – he smiled pleasantly to the universe with both his legs jammed. As Dr. Stone’s expertise in the operating room is matched in some cases by his penchant and as what Mr. Doyle puts his story, “Dr. Stone’s vices were as magnificent as his virtues and infinitely more picturesque”. He worked hard as well as play hard. Furthermore, Dr. Stone takes the married of Lady A as his lover, and their affair was something of an open secret in London society. This story of Lady A or also called Lady Sannox is very famous as a scandalous affair.

One of the strangest things of Lady A case is the poisoned blade. According to stories back then, there was one night, a potential client of Dr. Stone comes to his office and asking for his help. The stranger offers his card and named Hamil Ali, Smyrna – and he appeared as an old-hunched man appears to be a Turk and a merchant trader in London business. On the way of the story, the Turk man explains to Dr. Stone the circumstances of the emergency that his wife has cut herself on the lip by a poisoned blade – one of the daggers of the Almohades. The said poison soaks slowly into the circulatory system and that time, there is no known cure and that Dr. Stone decides that amputation or commonly called excision back then is the only solution.

There has been a lot of strange cases back then that Lady A was involved and that is why there are some people until now is curious on her case.

The story behind and the strange case of Lady A concerns a great deal of mystery and intrigue that is why there are a lot of people dig into the nature of the crime and strange things and speculate about the possible outcome of her story.


Unbeatable Dance/Mix Duo: Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande

The Latest Power Duo of Dance Stage

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or Lady Gaga is American singer-songwriter and performance artist who is known for her flamboyant costumes, provocative lyrics, and strong vocal talents. Her screen name was adopted on Queen’s song “Radio Ga Ga”. She made her own mark with her costumes with a touch of replete with dazzling wigs and space-age bodysuits—through her creative team Haus of Gaga. 

Her first single “Just Dance” became a hit right away especially in all clubs in the United States and Europe. Gaga’s other songs such as “The Fame”—“Poker Face,” “LoveGame,” and “Paparazzi”—also reached number one on the radio chart, making Lady Gaga the first artist in the 17-year history of that chart to have four number ones from a debut album. Her songs gathered five Grammy nominations and took Grammys Best Dance recording with “Poker Face” and Best Electronic /Dance Album, “The Fame”. Her opening duet with Sir Elton John was among the most talked-about parts of the 2010 Grammys telecast. In February 2010 she also picked up three Brit Awards (the British equivalent of the Grammys)—for best international female, best album, and breakthrough act.

Through the years, Gaga kept on reaching more people through her songs. She became a star and still features other stars in her song collaborations. One of the latest artists whom Gaga collaborated is the sitcom-star-turned pop music sensation, Ariana Grande. 

Ariana Grande made her first involvement in Broadway at the age of 15. Her Broadway journey opened many doors for her to be involved in some small TV parts. Sooner, Ariana Grande entered the real world of the music industry. Her first single “The Way” made it to the heart of every listeners and her songs manage to keep on the track. From the first album up to the latest, we can all see the improving and the better version of Ariana Grande as an artist. 

The latest happening now is the collaboration of the two. Lady Gaga’s latest hit “Rain On Me” features the great vocals of Ariana Grande. Gaga and Grande have both known suffering, whether it be physical, mental, and emotional, and they use their past to forge on in “Rain on Me”. These two made a star combo that can hit every record in the top list. The exceptional talent of these two will make way for a new genre of music that will surely make way to everyone’s heart. 


Bob Dylan Is Still Making Meaningful And Memorable Music

After nearly 6 decades of musical career, Bob Dylan is still thriving on his music and still making one. At the age of 79, the American singer-songwriter released his brand new artistic album entitled “Rough and Rowdy Ways.”

Legendary Career Journey

  • How it Started

Dylan’s musical career started way back in 1960 when he dropped out of college and traveled to New York City in January 1961. In the next month, he started playing at the clubs around Greenwich Village where he met musical geniuses. The start of his career boosted as the New York Times left a positive review about his performance that led him to sign a contract with Columbia Records.

  • The Starting Music

In March 1962, Dylan released his self titled album that consisted of folk and blues music. In the later part of his career, he was involved in politics and this was reflected through his music. He was present during civil rights movements and singing during these events. He was also awarded the “Tom Paine Award” presented by the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee.

  • Going Electric

On the year 1965, Dylan launched his album “Bringing It All Back Home” where he used and recorded with electric instruments. This is the beginning of his electric journey. The rhythms were partnered with well-tailored lyrics that became a forerunner for rap and hip-hop.

Bob Dylan after many years continued making music and releasing legendary albums that made his name to this day. Despite various circumstances that happened in his life, he was able to continue his art and serve his fans well.

  • More Than Half A Decade Of Art

At the age of 79, Dylan once again released a brand new album entitled Rough and Rowdy Ways where he used a different kind of approach in music. In this album, he attempted to use more sophisticated chords turning his music to more jazz and pre-rock class.

The launch of the album started with him releasing a single in March 2020 called “Murder Most Foul” then followed with another music on April 2020, “I Contain Multitudes.” Then in May 2020, he released yet another single entitled “False Prophet” which then led the fans to believe that these songs will appear on Dylan’s newest album. Finally, on June 19, 2020, Dylan launched “Rough and Rowdy Ways” as his latest fascinating album.

Despite his age, Dylan was able to release yet another legendary, meaningful, and memorable music for his fans to enjoy. This is him proving that age is just a number and passion will get you through anything.