Bob Dylan Is Still Making Meaningful And Memorable Music

After nearly 6 decades of musical career, Bob Dylan is still thriving on his music and still making one. At the age of 79, the American singer-songwriter released his brand new artistic album entitled “Rough and Rowdy Ways.”

Legendary Career Journey

  • How it Started

Dylan’s musical career started way back in 1960 when he dropped out of college and traveled to New York City in January 1961. In the next month, he started playing at the clubs around Greenwich Village where he met musical geniuses. The start of his career boosted as the New York Times left a positive review about his performance that led him to sign a contract with Columbia Records.

  • The Starting Music

In March 1962, Dylan released his self titled album that consisted of folk and blues music. In the later part of his career, he was involved in politics and this was reflected through his music. He was present during civil rights movements and singing during these events. He was also awarded the “Tom Paine Award” presented by the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee.

  • Going Electric

On the year 1965, Dylan launched his album “Bringing It All Back Home” where he used and recorded with electric instruments. This is the beginning of his electric journey. The rhythms were partnered with well-tailored lyrics that became a forerunner for rap and hip-hop.

Bob Dylan after many years continued making music and releasing legendary albums that made his name to this day. Despite various circumstances that happened in his life, he was able to continue his art and serve his fans well.

  • More Than Half A Decade Of Art

At the age of 79, Dylan once again released a brand new album entitled Rough and Rowdy Ways where he used a different kind of approach in music. In this album, he attempted to use more sophisticated chords turning his music to more jazz and pre-rock class.

The launch of the album started with him releasing a single in March 2020 called “Murder Most Foul” then followed with another music on April 2020, “I Contain Multitudes.” Then in May 2020, he released yet another single entitled “False Prophet” which then led the fans to believe that these songs will appear on Dylan’s newest album. Finally, on June 19, 2020, Dylan launched “Rough and Rowdy Ways” as his latest fascinating album.

Despite his age, Dylan was able to release yet another legendary, meaningful, and memorable music for his fans to enjoy. This is him proving that age is just a number and passion will get you through anything.