How Many New Albums Are Released On Vinyl These Days?

In these current times, a lot of musicians, composers, song writers and instrumentalists are rising. Now that music is quite accessible to everyone, even learning it is very accessible. Back in the days, only a few people knows how to play instruments and sing great. But today, we can find lots of new artists, fresh faces and a lot of youngsters trying to find their spot in the world of music.

In addition to that, there are a lot of ways to promote and put your music into public today. We now have the internet where we have tons of possible ways to place our music. We have the social media, blogs, music magazines and a lot more. There a lot of ways to plug and post new music.

The era of music lovers and new songs

Music lovers have lots of resources nowadays. There are a lot of music to explore because of the new albums that came out very frequently. They have a wide array of selection but most of them would go for the music that they love to listen.

There’s a huge library of music out there. All we need to do is find a website where we can listen download these songs. There are a lot of free stuffs also in the internet so a music lover would have thousands of music in their phone’s memory bank.

How many new albums can we find on online music centres?

Online music magazines like vinyl has lots of new music posted. They collect and posted new music so people can have a look at it and see if that suits their style. But how many new albums are there in vinyl today? How many of them are released? Here’s the answer to that.

Vinyl gives opportunities for new artists to post and promote their new albums. Some famous artists are also posting their albums. There are 2,388 albums that are released right now in vinyl. All of them are sold with a specific price depending on the artist’s value.

Some of their popular new releases are from Korn, David Byrne, Yola, Fleet Boxes, Madonna, Jonny Greenwood, Led Zeppelin and various artists compiled in one album. Some of their most expensive sales are from Pink Floyd, The Alman Brothers Band and many more. Most of these are more like collections so they come in various albums. The newest that they have today is from Sam Cooke who have three new albums released.