The New Video Celebrating One Direction’s 10th Anniversary

One Direction or sometimes called as 1D is a popular pop boy band that was formed in London last 2010. Most members are English and Irish. Originally, they were five members of the band named as Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik but he left the band in 2015.

The band had already released five albums in their 10 years of existence as a band. One of that is “Up All Night” released on 2011, “Take Me Home” on 2012, “Midnight Memories” on 2013, “Four” on the year 2014 and “Made in the A.M in 2015. Their songs that topped the charts in most major markets are “Story of My Life”, “Drag me down”, “Best song ever”, “What makes you beautiful” and “Live while were young”. These songs are their hit singles.

The One Direction band won a lot of awards. It went almost 200 awards when counted. 7 Brit Awards, 4 MTV music video awards, 28 Teen’s choice awards and became the artist of the year in the year 2014 and 2015. They also made a 4 world tours in which they earned 75 million US dollars.

Their 3rd album “Midnight Memories” became the best-selling album worldwide in the year 2013. It was said that it sold 400 million copies around the world. And in support of this album they had a tour entitled “Where we are tour” which also became the highest income generating concert on the year 2014 and also became the 15th highest income generating concert for all time. And on the same year the band was named as the band of the year by Billboard. But on the year 2016 the band paused and caused the members to go for other projects.

Even though the band stopped going on 2016 their albums in still sold in the market where several fans are still purchase. As of this year the band already sold 70 million copies worldwide. The band is celebrating a 10th year celebration of existence as a band this year. That is why they released a five- minute nostalgic video. This video compiles footages from the bands albums. And also behind the scenes from their tours and music videos. This video is a part of the band’s collection on their special anniversary content. This video is accompanied by several songs. If you check on their website you will see that it became an interactive hub that caters their album eras.