The Strange Case Of Lady A – And Lady A

Did you know that the relations between the famous Douglas Stone and the notorious and famous Lady Sannox or Lady A were very well known both among the fashionable circles of which she was a brilliant member and that the scientific bodies in which numbered him among their most illustrious confreres?

Back then, there was a widespread interest when it was announced one morning that Lady Sannox had absolutely and forever taken the veil and that the world would see her no more like ever. When this rumor was widely spread, there came the assurance that the celebrated operating surgeon back then, the man of steel nerves had been found one morning by his valet and was seated on one side of his bed – he smiled pleasantly to the universe with both his legs jammed. As Dr. Stone’s expertise in the operating room is matched in some cases by his penchant and as what Mr. Doyle puts his story, “Dr. Stone’s vices were as magnificent as his virtues and infinitely more picturesque”. He worked hard as well as play hard. Furthermore, Dr. Stone takes the married of Lady A as his lover, and their affair was something of an open secret in London society. This story of Lady A or also called Lady Sannox is very famous as a scandalous affair.

One of the strangest things of Lady A case is the poisoned blade. According to stories back then, there was one night, a potential client of Dr. Stone comes to his office and asking for his help. The stranger offers his card and named Hamil Ali, Smyrna – and he appeared as an old-hunched man appears to be a Turk and a merchant trader in London business. On the way of the story, the Turk man explains to Dr. Stone the circumstances of the emergency that his wife has cut herself on the lip by a poisoned blade – one of the daggers of the Almohades. The said poison soaks slowly into the circulatory system and that time, there is no known cure and that Dr. Stone decides that amputation or commonly called excision back then is the only solution.

There has been a lot of strange cases back then that Lady A was involved and that is why there are some people until now is curious on her case.

The story behind and the strange case of Lady A concerns a great deal of mystery and intrigue that is why there are a lot of people dig into the nature of the crime and strange things and speculate about the possible outcome of her story.