The Latest Biopic On The Way: The Vanilla Ice Story

“Ice Ice Baby” is danced to by so many hip hop groups. It was played all over the world during its prime and was a song first released in 1989. By the moment it was played, it topped the charts rather quickly. The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 and it was the first hip hop song single to do so. It topped charts even in different countries, chances are, you have already even heard it play. The hip hop artist behind the song is the American rapper Robert Matthew Van Winkle or more commonly known by his stage name Vanilla Ice.

Vanilla Ice’s life story will now be told in the motion picture screen with a biographical film, biopic for short, that is entitled “To the Extreme” just like Vanilla Ice’s major label debut studio album. This was first announced to the public when they released a casting call last January 2019 and most of Vanilla Ice’s fans are stoked about the news.

Vanilla Ice has led a colorful and interesting life from before he got interested in music, during his musical career, his little breaks, up to his pitfalls with drug abuse. He began with a strong interest in motocross, and had even won multiple championships, though unfortunately he accidentally broke his ankle. The broken ankle may have been a little blessing in disguise, since it is because of that he started beatboxing, singing, and dancing around with his friends while he was healing up to the point that he performed in public and got recognized. At this point, who wouldn’t call Vanilla Ice a man of many talents as his musical career rocketed up and he released hit songs like “Ice Ice Baby.” Unfortunately, Vanilla Ice also had his fair share of troubles and downfalls. He got into drug abuse and he has been caught in legal cases multiple times in his life.

Despite having different ups and downs in the story to be produced, the film is said to have a similar energy and vibe to the film titled “The Disaster Artist,” whose got a fun and comedic atmosphere working around. Unfortunately, the production for the biopic “To the Extreme” has not begun yet because of the quarantine measures done for the pandemic. On a good note, the lead actor picked to play as Vanilla Ice, Dave Franco, has been regularly calling the American hip hop artist about the role. This is now one more thing for us to look forward to when the pandemic is finally over.